Beverage maker shares her secret ingredient for success

MSME funding from Socremo is enabling Palomisa to grow her business

Palomisa, who lives in Mozambique, produces and sells maheu, a traditional beverage made from grain that’s cooked in huge cauldrons over an open fire. “My mother used to make it, and when I drank it, I liked it. Not a lot of people make it, so I decided to make it as a business,” she explains. She first launched her business in 2002, and since then she has found a thirsty clientele. She’s even heard that people are trying to copy her, putting their own product into her bottles. 

Small business owner Palomisa bottling her home-brewed maheu

To help modernize her business, protect her product, and bring it into new markets, Palomisa plans to get a bigger loan from her bank, Accion portfolio company Socremo. “The business must grow and move to other areas. I would like to seal the bottles with a machine,” she says. “People from outside the country want maheu, but I can’t get it to them,” she adds.

So far, Palomisa feels Socremo has been a valuable supporter of her growing business. “I used to be scared to get a loan with a bank, but since I started with Socremo, I never regretted it. They are like a family. They’re like a mother and father, they help you. Everything I have, the house, the business, is because of Socremo,” she says.

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